A new commitment

Well, more than a year has passed since my last post. It’s not as if nothing has happened. In addition to the usual teaching-related excuses, I can confidently say that I’ve kept writing, little by little, added seemingly connected bits and bobs into my Scrivener projects. But I should have developed those ideas here too, if only to somehow reframe my (occasionally) inaccessible formulations into something that at least resembles plain English. That was, after all, my original motivation.

So that’s what I’ll do, if not often, then at least more frequently than before. To mark my newly-found commitment, I’ve also updated the entry page to this blog including a new header image. It’s a dying Mexican white rose (echeveria elegans). I followed its gradual demise with my camera for a community college photography course that I took earlier this year. The plant was not sacrificed for the project, but it simply bears evidence of my inability to care properly for even the supposedly easiest of house plants.

It is, perhaps, also more appropriate than the one I used earlier because the default header image that WordPress offers for this particular theme is of a healthy plant of the same echeveria genus.

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